CRAZY KIM Bar-Restaurant-School

Kimmy Le - aka 'Crazy Kim'

‘Xin Chao’ … Hi … I’m Crazy Kim!

Welcome to Crazy Kim Bar-Restaurant-School located in the heart of Nha Trang City, Vietnam.

Crazy Kim Bar first opened in January 1999.

Our first location was a small 50 square metre bar with one pool table. During the day the bar doubled as an English school educating street kids, the pool table was used as the students desk while the other class was held on the verandah facing the street.

We cooked lunch for the kids after class and the volunteers who would give up their time to teach the children.

Three years later we out grew the ‘little school’ and moved to our current 500 square location in 2002.

With a bigger place we were able to constructed two purpose designed classrooms that accommodate 30 plus students each. Although, it’s not unusual if you walk into the bar to still see a dozen or so students sitting around a pool table having an English lesson, just like the ‘old times’.

Funding for the day-to-day running of the English School comes from the profits of Crazy Kim Bar.

So, lets have some FUN and enjoy a drink for a good cause!

There is a fully stocked bar and my trained staff can ‘shake’ up or ‘stir’ any cocktail you desire during our marathon ‘happy hour’ from noon till mid-night!

We have a wide selection of beers on tap and in bottles, ‘shooters’ as well as an extensive wine list to rock away to DJ.

The Restaurant menu is a mix of international favourites and Vietnamese cuisine. If it’s a selection of tapas, a healthy salad, pasta, steak, hamburger, nachos, stir-fried fish Vietnamese style or pizza drop in by before the chef takes off his apron. The Restaurant is serves meals from 9am and the last orders are taken at mid-night. Free delivery – only in Nha Trang!

'A young innocent not so Crazy Kim in 1996'

When I returned to Vietnam in 1996 from Canada opening a bar was not on my horizon. Crazy Kim Bar grew out of my ambition to create opportunities for street kids to learn English thus preventing them from falling victim to pedophilia. The bar funds the school and now has created another generation of English speakers in Nha Trang.

So if you’re thirsty during my visit, drop in, have a drink and come say hello – you’ll find me behind the bar most nights.

Or if you’re even more keen, volunteer to teach English to kids .. it makes you get out of bed early even with a hangover!

Your truly,

Crazy Kim

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